new CUI.Element(Options)

CUI.Element is the main class for all our CUI-Elements. It manages parameters which are used to construct an instance of any CUI-Element.

The constructor calls

  • initOpts
  • readOpts
  • onConstruct (if given)

initOpts and readOpts are the function which should be extended when CUI.Element is subclassed.

readOpts checks all Options against the required types and values. Each option which passed the test, is then copied into the objects namespace, prefixed by a single underscore (_).



Can be passed and used to switch code based debugging on or off. CUI does nothing with this information, but you can use this in your code.


Callback executed on construction time. obj is the instance of the created CUI.Element.


Callback executed when the destroy method is called on the CUI.Element. obj is the instance of the created CUI.Element.



Returns a string representation of the class name. This uses getObjectClass.


Each instance of CUI.Element gets assigned a unique id. This is simply an Integer which is stored in the instance when constructed.


Returns the passed Options.


Returns key of the passed Options Map.


Returns true, if the passed Options Map contains key as property.


Return the key of the set option. This can differ from the passed option, as readOpts could have set a default value for an option.


Returns true if the key is a set option.


Initialized the options. This is called at construction time and adds all available options for the check in readOpts. Subclasses of CUI.Element should overwrite initOpts to initialize their own options.


Read the passed options. The checks are performed, default data is set and values are copied into the property "_"+key.


Returns a map suitable for creating a new CUI.Element. The str is interpreted in CSS syntax

key = value; key2 = true; key3 = value;

This result is:

    key: "value",
    key2: true,
    key3: 5

The method has support for Boolean ("true", "false") and Integer values (parseInt), otherwise it uses a string. The opts are simply returned, no further operations are performed.


This creates a new instance of the CUI.Element, using the same options. The options are passed by reference.

addOpt(key, check_map)

This adds an option to the list of available options. The check_map is a Map with the following properties:

Property Type Description
default Anything Default value for the option.
mandatory Boolean If a value is null or undefined it is considered to be not set an assert will be raised.
check Value If set to String, Function, Array the instance of the passed value is checked.
"PlainObject" CUI.PlainObject is used to check if the value is a plain object.
Map The value is checked against the given check_map, that is, the value needs to be a PlainObject.
Function If a Function is given, the value is passed to the function for checking. The Function should return true if the value is acceptable. It can return a String as an error message.
deprectaed Boolean If set to true, a console warning is given about the deprecated option.


Gets a map with key -> check_map. Adds an option per key.


Removes the given option from the available options. Use in subclasses to remove an available option.

mergeOpt(key, check_map)

Overwrites the check map for given key. The overwrite is performed as merge, that is, existing keys will be overwritten if an update is provided. Keys which are not mentioned in check_map are left untouched.


Overwrites the available options using the map with key -> check_map.

proxy(element, methods)

This method registers all methods given in methods (Array of Strings) to the given element (CUI.Element).


This destroys the CUI.Element. It sets the destroyed flag internally, the method isDestroyed() returns true after the call. All mapped values are deleted and the onDestroy callback is called.


Returns false before destroy() was called, true afterwards.


Returns the map of options available for the given CUI.Element class.

@readOpts(opts, cls, check_map, map_values)

Perform a readOpts on the given options Map opts. cls is used for the error output when the given options don't pass the check defined by check_map. If map_values is set to true, the read values are mapped to the callers instance as properties. This is the same function the methods readOpts used on the CUI.Element instance.

The function returns the parsed options (including set defaults).

CUI.Element.readOpts can be used to check options for a method outside the "new CUI.Element" construct.

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